You’re energetic… a go-getter… and you work well with other people. And you’re looking for more than just a job. You want a career… one with a real future and potential for growth.

You’re the perfect candidate for a position as a Cottman center manager.

Cottman Franchise Manager

What is a center manager? That’s the guy — or gal! — who oversees the entire operation. He takes care of customers, interacts with technicians, and makes sure the shop is running like a well-oiled clock. And when something doesn’t follow the normal progression, he’s the one who steps in and gets things back on track.

Is the center manager a technician? He can be, but it’s not necessary. The technical aspects of the job are reasonably easy to master. The hard part is the empathy: recognizing what makes people tick and working to keep things humming along, to build the shop’s reputation… and bottom line.

And the center manager’s position can be a stepping stone to owning your own shop, either as an independent or a Cottman Transmissions franchise owner. Because working as a center manager gives you a chance to get your feet wet in one of the most demanding, rewarding customer service businesses you can imagine. How far you take that is up to you.

Leadership Opportunities

To learn more about the franchise management opportunities of becoming a Cottman center manager, go online

So don’t wait: If you have the drive and the desire, we have a position waiting for you.