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When you think about your car’s steering and suspension, you know about the steering wheel, and you’re familiar with the tires. What goes on between the two is probably a little murky.

What are Power Steering and Suspension?

Normally that’s okay; you don’t have to understand the principles of operation to drive a car. Where it becomes a problem is when you start to notice something different in the system, because the steering and suspension are what keep your car sitting up and driving where you want it to go.

But that’s no problem, because the technicians at your nearby Cottman center are fully versed in all the most common power steering and suspension systems… from early ball joint and steering box units through the latest MacPherson and steer-by-wire systems.

Power Steering and Suspension Repair at Cottman

power steering fluid replacement at cottman transmission and total auto careSo, if you have a problem with your car’s steering or suspension — anything from something as simple as a little extra free play in the steering to a more serious ride or handling problem — the technicians at your local Cottman can examine the system and make a recommendation to bring it back into factory-fresh operating condition.

Having a problem with power steering “morning sickness” — that hard steering that only shows up on cold mornings? Maybe you’re noticing unusual tire wear? Whatever the problem, their technicians know how to analyze the steering and suspension systems and can make a reasonable repair recommendation for you.

Suspension and Power Steering Inspections

And even if you aren’t noticing a problem right now, their technicians will be happy to examine your car’s power steering and suspension for any signs of looseness or wear, to make sure they find and fix those problems long before they begin to affect your driving safety.

So if your car isn’t steering or handling the way you’ve come to expect it to, there’s only one name you need to remember: Cottman. Give them a call today to have your car’s power steering and suspension checked.

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