Ask any technician: The guys at the very top of the auto repair food chain are the transmission rebuilders. These are the ones who handle the most delicate, complex repairs in the automotive repair industry.

Auto Repair Technician

And their paycheck reflects that: A transmission rebuilder is often the highest paid auto repair technician in their market. They boast the greatest respect from the rest of the repair community and they’re always in demand.

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Then again, if you’re a good auto technician but don’t have a lot of transmission rebuilding experience, there still may be a place for you in one of the many Cottman centers. You could come on as an installer or diagnostician, and they’ll provide you with the training to become a transmission rebuilder.

Transmission Rebuilding Experience

So, whether you’re a rebuilder with years of experience and training, or a highly skilled and motivated novice, there’s a position waiting for you at one of the many Cottman centers across the country. Visit, and get ready to leap into a position that’s right for you. Do it today!