Pre-Vacation Checkup

Preventative Vehicle Maintenance

Vacation time is supposed to be fun time… time to kick back and enjoy the break from all your hard work. The last thing you need while you’re on vacation is to have to worry about your car breaking down while you’re in a strange neighborhood away from home.

But cars have a nasty habit of breaking down at the most inopportune moments. How can you prevent that from putting a damper on your vacation time?

Easy: Bring your car to your nearby Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center for a pre-vacation checkup.

What is a Pre-Vacation Checkup?

What’s a pre-vacation checkup? It’s a series of checks that your local Cottman center technician can perform to look for anything that’s likely to let you down while you’re away on vacation.

While many of those checks are pretty basic, some may differ, depending on your vacation plans. That’s because not all vacations are the same, and some trips can put more stress on your car than others.

For example, a short trip to the country might not put much stress on your car’s brakes, but a trip through the mountains might be enough to require you have your brakes replaced a little early. Your Cottman center technician will know what to look for based on your plans and will let you know what you should do before you leave, to make sure you get where you’re going in one piece.

Take Your Vehicle to Cottman for Preventative Maintenance Before Your Vacation

Here’s what you should do: Take your car in to your local Cottman center and ask for a pre-vacation checkup. Let them know what you’re planning — whether it’s a short trip to the beach or a cross-country trek. From that, they’ll know how aggressively to examine your car, and what to recommend based on your upcoming plans.

So don’t wait: Take your car to you local Cottman center a few weeks before going, and leave your car troubles at home while you enjoy your vacation.

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