Once, not so long ago, transmission diagnosis was relatively simple: If a transmission didn’t shift, there weren’t a lot of things that could cause it. And because of that, most transmission shops consisted of two types of technicians: rebuilders and installers.

Automotive Technician Jobs

Today, transmission diagnosis is in an entirely different sphere. Today’s transmissions are firmly integrated into the computer systems that control virtually all vehicle operations. That’s led to the addition of a new class of technician in the transmission repair shop: the diagnostician.

The diagnostician is the one who brings electrical and computer system experience into the shop. He handles the preliminary tests, to determine whether a transmission problem really is, in fact, a transmission problem. Because today’s late shift could easily be rooted in the engine or electrical system.

That’s why today’s Cottman centers are looking for good technicians… technicians who understand computer controls and electrical system diagnosis. They need to be sure that the only people who buy a transmission from a Cottman center are the ones who really need a transmission.

Vehicle Diagnostician Openings

If you have extensive experience in driveability and performance, along with diagnostic skills for computer and electrical systems, there’s a Cottman center looking for you. Visit the Cottman jobs site at Cottman.com/jobs to see who’s hiring… and get ready to blaze a new trail as a Cottman center diagnostician! Do it today!