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Cottman Of Grand Rapids Owner Says Honesty And Integrity Are Best

By | March 25th, 2015|Franchisee's In the News|

When Don Lenartz took over the Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care franchise here in April, 2005, it was a struggling business.  Lenartz, who had been a fleet manager for a major baked goods company for 25 years, had never run his own business. How did he turn the business [...]

Cottman of Woodlands Owner Takes Hands-On Approach To Repairing Cars

By | March 23rd, 2015|Franchisee's In the News|

Joe Giovanniello, The Woodlands’ Cottman Man, has been maintaining and fixing engines for more than four decades.  The Vietnam vet, who retired from the Air Force Reserves as a lieutenant colonel, spent 44 years in aviation engineering, first in the Air Force and then for major airlines such as Eastern, [...]

My Car Is Under Warranty; Do I Need to Have It Serviced at the Dealer?

By | March 19th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair, Maintenance|

No, you do not need to have it serviced at the dealer; in fact, it’s illegal for the dealer to even suggest such a thing. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, makes it illegal to even claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage [...]

General Auto Repair – Here’s What It Says on the Internet!

By | March 19th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair, Maintenance|

Every minute of every day, all across America, someone is walking into an auto repair shop with a stack of papers they printed from the internet, in an effort to prove what repairs their cars need. Service Technicians Know Best And every minute of every day, all across America, technicians are [...]

Car Won’t Start – Should I Replace the Battery?

By | March 19th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair, Maintenance|

You walk out to your car, open the door, put the key in the ignition, and… nothing. The engine won’t crank at all. Your car won't start. Maybe you hear the starter solenoid click, but that’s about it. So you call a friend — or your auto club — and [...]

Fern Park’s Cottman Man Has Lifetime Love Of Cars

By | March 18th, 2015|Franchisee's In the News|

For Phil Esposito, being in the transmission repair business comes naturally.   “I love my work,” said the owner of the Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center at South U.S. Highway 17-92. Phil’s history with cars goes back to his teen years when he worked at a family-owned gas station [...]

Cottman of Spartanburg On Car Recalls: Checking Could Save Lives

By | March 18th, 2015|Franchisee's In the News|

Car Recall Advice Mike Morrison, Franchisee of Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in Spartanburg SC was interviewed by 7 ABC about car recalls and advice on what to do. "For every 10 cars we see, approximately 2 maybe 3 of them will have a recall that the customer will [...]

Cottman Of WoodBury Heights Owner Has A Lifetime Of Repairing Cars

By | March 16th, 2015|Franchisee's In the News|

More than 45 years ago, Ozzie Bombaro's work as a gas station owner included towing broken down cars to be repaired.  Many of the cars he hooked to the back of his tow truck had been disabled by transmission or drivetrain problems. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Ozzie [...]

Cottman Automotive Franchise Development FAQ

By | March 11th, 2015|Cottman Franchise Development|

FAQ Page What level of education is required to purchase an Cottman Franchise? High School graduate is preferred as a minimum requirement Does Cottman provide a website to all Franchisees? Yes.  Each franchisee has local website that is developed and specific to that particular area. Is it required to be [...]

Franchise Management – Take A Leadership Role As A Cottman Manager

By | March 10th, 2015|Cottman Careers|

You’re energetic… a go-getter… and you work well with other people. And you’re looking for more than just a job. You want a career… one with a real future and potential for growth. You’re the perfect candidate for a position as a Cottman center manager. Cottman Franchise Manager What is [...]