Jobs come and jobs go… but a career is yours for a lifetime. So, if you’re looking for a new start, consider an auto repair career. And there’s no better place to start your career search than the Cottman jobs web page.

Here you’ll find dozens of openings all around the country, for every level of technician or customer service professional.

Cottman Auto Repair Careers

Don’t have a lot of automotive experience? Start at the bottom as an installer/trainee and work your way up. Many of today’s top technicians and shop owners got their start this way.

Not really technically minded? How about a position in outside sales or behind the counter as a service advisor? All you need is a great personality and a talent for talking to people. You can learn the rest on the job.

Make no mistake about it: A job with a Cottman center is your first step on a never-ending ladder. Cottman center technicians are at the top rung of the auto repair business. They earn top dollar in their markets and are always in demand.

And virtually every position at a Cottman center can be a springboard to becoming your own boss… as owner of your very own Cottman center franchise.

Auto Technician Jobs

So, when you’ve had enough of looking for just another job, thing about a career instead… with Cottman! Check out the Cottman jobs page at to see what’s available all across the country. Do it today!