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Start Your Automotive Repair Career As A Cottman Installer

By | March 10th, 2015|Cottman Careers|

You were the kid who had the coolest collection of toy cars on the block… the one who built those terrific car models. You knew you wanted to work under the hood back when you were still learning to speak in complete sentences. Maybe you took a couple auto shop [...]

Do You Need A Coolant Flush?

By | March 9th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair, Heating and Air Conditioning|

Once upon a time, if you were to need a coolant flush, that was normal and considered required maintenance. In fact, several manufacturers offered kits to let do-it-yourselfers flush their cars’ cooling systems themselves, right from an ordinary garden hose. Flushing Your Engine Coolant These days that old and dirty antifreeze is [...]

Wondering If You Need New Brakes? – How To Identify Brake Problems

By | March 6th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, Brakes|

Brakes are a critical part of your driving safety, so if there’s a problem with your brakes, you need to know it. You might even be at a point where you need new brakes. Your Cottman center can help analyze your brakes and make sure they’re in like-new condition. Generally speaking, [...]

Is A Fuel System Service Worth It? Scam or Serious?

By | March 5th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair|

If you’re a longtime driver, chances are you’ve received recommendations for a service you never heard of before: a fuel system service. And, since you’ve never heard of it, you’re probably suspicious: Is this a real service or just another way for someone to separate your paycheck from your wallet? [...]

From Designing To Fixing, Denver’s Cottman Man Excels

By | March 4th, 2015|Cottman Franchise Development|

A registered professional engineer by training, Jim Dietvorst had a rewarding career as a design engineer.  Working for major engineering firms, he designed a wide variety of items, ranging from pumps and turbines to medical equipment.  He made it to the ranks of upper management. Transmission Service Specialist But about [...]

Check Engine Light Code – Should You Pay For A Diagnosis?

By | March 4th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair|

You’re driving down the road when all of a sudden the “Check Engine” light comes on. So you take it over to your nearby Cottman center and ask them to check it out. The technician comes out to your car, armed with an impressive-looking scan tool, plugs it into your [...]

How To Talk To Your Mechanic

By | March 3rd, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair|

You’re driving along and suddenly you notice a problem with your car. You’re going to need to take it in for service. Worse yet, you’re going to have to explain what’s wrong to the people at the repair shop. That’s okay: The folks at Cottman are professionals. Talking to you [...]

Better Gas Mileage – 4 Myths Of Saving At The Pump

By | March 2nd, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair|

Whether gas prices are pushing $4 or dropping below $2, everyone wants to save a few bucks at the pump. And there are a lot of tips making the rounds to help you cut your fuel consumption. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t completely accurate. Fuel Economy Myths Here’s a list [...]

Car Emergency Kit List – 10 Emergency Items For Your Car

By | March 1st, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair|

No matter how well you prepare for the unexpected, emergencies happen. The trick is to be prepared for them. Prepare Your Emergency Kit Here’s a list of 10 of the most important items you should have in your car emergency kit. Nearly all of them should be available at your [...]