No, you do not need to have it serviced at the dealer; in fact, it’s illegal for the dealer to even suggest such a thing. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, makes it illegal to even claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage simply because you had it serviced somewhere other than the dealer.

Car Warranty Eligibility

For that service to affect your warranty, the dealer or manufacturer would have to prove that the service performed elsewhere actually caused the problem.

At Cottman, we perform all kinds of maintenance services for your car. Every fluid or part we use meets or exceeds the manufacturers’ warranty requirements, and we follow all manufacturer guidelines for those services.

So you’ll never have a problem with warranty eligibility simply for having your car serviced at any Cottman center, anywhere in the world.

What’s more, we can show you other service items that may not appear in your owners manual; services that have been shown to improve vehicle reliability and longevity. Which means that your car will last longer and operate more dependably, simply because you performed these simple, low-cost services.

And isn’t that really the whole reason for having your car serviced in the first place?

Of course, if you do have a problem when the car is under warranty, those warranty repairs still have to go back to the dealer.

Car Maintenance Services

Hang onto your receipts for those services, in case you have to prove you had them done on time. Or, if you can’t find your receipt, give us a call; we should be able to provide you with a duplicate receipt for any service we performed.

Any services or repairs that aren’t warranty claims can be handled anywhere you’d like. And Cottman can perform all of those services and repairs for you… reliably and at a terrific price.

So when your car is due for maintenance — whether the car is covered by a warranty or not — call Cottman and schedule an appointment to have it taken care of.