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Back To School Safety Tips For Drivers – Cottman Man Urges Drivers To Use Caution

By | August 24th, 2015|Cottman Brand News|

As the summer season winds down, kids everywhere are returning to school. Cottman Transmission & Total Auto Care and its neighborhood car care centers throughout the nation remind parents and drivers to use extra caution to keep our children safe as they travel to and from school. Back To School [...]

Website Magazine References Cottman Site For Hyper Local Marketing Success

By | August 18th, 2015|Cottman Brand News, Cottman Franchise Development|

Website Magazine, a leader in digital marketing, recently referenced Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care in an article explaining the difficulties businesses face when attempting to connect customers with their nearest locations. The article mentions that Cottman has taken advantage of “hyperlocal PPC and SEO marketing strategies and supporting tools… [...]

How Often Should I Change My Oil? – Car Maintenance Advice

By | August 17th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, Engine Performance, Maintenance|

When it comes to changing your car’s engine oil, everyone has a different opinion. Some say four times a year; others say every 3000 miles; still others say once a year should be plenty. The bad news is there’s really no one answer to that question. It depends on your [...]

Cottman To Be Featured On ‘In America’ With Host James Earl Jones

By | August 11th, 2015|Cottman Brand News, Cottman Careers, Cottman Franchise Development, Franchisee Videos|

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, a nationwide chain of transmission and auto repair, will be featured as a content provider on an upcoming segment of the Public Television program “In America,” hosted by legendary actor James Earl Jones. In America Feature “In America” is a series of [...]

Air Conditioner Bad Smell – What Died In My AC Vents?

By | August 10th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, Heating and Air Conditioning|

It’s the first really hot day and you’ve enjoyed all you can stand; gas mileage be damned, you’re going to turn the A/C on! So you crank up the A/C and… wait, what’s that smell? Smells like something crawled into the A/C ducts and died. It’s really rank! Car Dirty [...]

How Often Does My Car Need A Tune-Up? Car Performance Advice

By | August 4th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, Engine Performance, General Repair, Maintenance|

There used to be a time when you’d have your car tuned up every September. If not, you’d have it towed in to the shop around November. One way or another, you were getting that car tuned up! Today’s cars aren’t like that. They no longer have points; many don’t [...]

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care Re-Launches Website

By | August 3rd, 2015|Cottman Brand News, Cottman Careers, Cottman Franchise Development|

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, with locations across the U.S. that service almost any make or model vehicle, foreign or domestic, has relaunched its national website with many upgrades, new features and added content that makes it a must-go online destination for anyone seeking information and advice on car [...]

Car Defroster Not Working? – Set The System To Fresh Air!

By | July 28th, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair, Maintenance|

It’s wet, it’s cold, and your windows are all fogged up. So you crank up your defroster and wait… and wait… but somehow the windows never seem to clear up. If your car defroster isn't working, chances are you have the defroster set wrong. Set the controls to allow for [...]

Car Fluid Checks

By | July 21st, 2015|Auto Repair Articles, General Repair, Maintenance|

Engine oil… transmission fluid… engine coolant… power steering fluid… brake fluid… just a few of the many fluids necessary for your car to operate safely and reliably. So it’s important to check them once in a while to make sure they’re full and in good shape. The problem is, those [...]

From Toddler To Transmissions, Cottman “Man” Made The Change Successfully

By | July 17th, 2015|Franchisee's In the News|

Melinda Kriner was home caring for her young son when her father and husband made the life-changing decision to open their own business —a Cottman Transmission & Total Auto Care center at 3315 N.E. 112th Avenue in Vancouver, WA. Melinda’s father Larry Postlewait had spent most of his career at [...]