Engine oil… transmission fluid… engine coolant… power steering fluid… brake fluid… just a few of the many fluids necessary for your car to operate safely and reliably. So it’s important to check them once in a while to make sure they’re full and in good shape.

The problem is, those car fluid checks differ from car to car. Locations, checking procedures, and even the actual fluid in one car can be dramatically different in another car. How can you make sure you’re doing it correctly?

Vehicle Fluid Inspections

If you’re the type who likes to check the fluids yourself, your best resource is your car’s owners manual. In most cases you’ll find a page that provides the location for each fluid check. And each fluid has its own section, to tell you how to check the level and the type of fluid to add. Vehicle Fluid Inspection - Cottman Man - Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

Always follow the factory recommendations! There are a lot of fluid choices on the market today. Many claim to be universal. While those claims may be true, they may not. To avoid problems, always follow the recommendations precisely.

Not sure where to get the right fluid? Can’t check the fluid yourself? That’s okay: Your nearby Cottman center will be happy to check your fluids and top them off, using the factory approved fluids. In fact, if you bring your car to your local Cottman for its regular engine oil change, they’ll check those fluid levels as a normal part of the process.

That’s a good thing, because today, a number of transmissions no longer provide a dipstick for checking the fluid level. The manufacturers have decided there’s a bigger risk from consumers adding the wrong fluid than there is of running low.

Transmission Fluid Change

Your Cottman center has all the tools available to check the transmission fluid on virtually every car on the road. So they can check your car’s transmission fluid and top it off for you.

Sure, car fluid checks are still an important part of keeping your car running right. But if you aren’t comfortable under the hood, don’t despair: Your friends at your nearby Cottman center will be happy to check them for you.