Sure is, and it can make a real difference in your car’s performance and efficiency.

Fuel System Services

That’s because the fuel systems on today’s cars are a marvel of technology. They work on clearances smaller than half the width of a human hair to provide the perfect level of atomization for efficient fuel distribution. That pays off in performance and gas mileage.

But when clearances are that small, it doesn’t take a lot of deposits to interfere in the system’s operation.

A fuel system service cleans those deposits away gently and effectively, to keep your car’s fuel system working like new.

Keep in mind, that service isn’t the same as those additives you find near the cash register at your local auto parts store. Those are often mostly acetone or alcohol; sure they’ll seem to work for a while, but in the long run they can damage the fuel system.

Quality Fuel System Cleaning

Your local Cottman center is equipped with highly effective fuel system service procedures and detergents to service your car’s fuel system safely. They’ll be happy to explain the procedure and show you how you’ll benefit from having your car’s fuel system serviced regularly.