The worst time to find out your car needs a new battery is when you are stuck somewhere because it won’t start. A better choice is to have the battery checked ahead of time, to find out whether it’s due for replacement.

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Most batteries have about a five- or six-year lifespan. If you try to extend that, you’re tempting fate. So how can you tell how old your battery is? Well, if it’s never been replaced, you can figure it’s the same age as the car. That’s simple enough.

But if it’s been replaced, there’s still an easy way to check its age. That’s because every battery has a date label to tell you when it was built. The date should be either on the top edge or on the side, right near the top. Find that, and you’ll know exactly how old the battery is.

Of course, age isn’t your only consideration when it comes to your car’s battery. You should have it checked occasionally to verify its condition.

Replacing Your Cars Battery

Your nearby Cottman center can help with that: They can test your car’s battery to make sure it’s in good condition. And they can service it — clean the terminal ends and check the charging system operation — to help make sure your car continues to start dependably in all kinds of weather.

So don’t wait until you’re stuck away from home and your car won’t crank over: Call your local Cottman center and ask them to give your car’s battery a complete check and service. It’s the best way to avoid starting problems when the mercury begins to plummet!