Once upon a time, if you were to need a coolant flush, that was normal and considered required maintenance. In fact, several manufacturers offered kits to let do-it-yourselfers flush their cars’ cooling systems themselves, right from an ordinary garden hose.

Flushing Your Engine Coolant

These days that old and dirty antifreeze is a toxic waste. During a flush it’ll puddle on the ground and run off into the drain water, where it can be dangerous for all sorts of plant and animal life… including you and your family.

And to be honest, it’s really not necessary to flush today’s cooling systems. The cooling systems in today’s cars and trucks are mostly constructed from materials that are less likely to develop large volumes of rust and scale, so they won’t clog up and overheat.

That’s not to suggest that a cooling system service isn’t necessary any more; it’s still important to replace your car’s coolant every few years. But today, all that’s really necessary is to drain out all the old coolant and replace it with new. The old coolant gets recovered and sent for recycling or disposal, in a safe, environmentally responsible manner.

Cooling System Service

Engine Coolant Service - Cottman Man - Cottman Transmission and Total Auto CareTo provide this service, your local Cottman center is equipped with a coolant exchange machine. The machine connects to your car’s cooling system and performs the complete exchange process,
without risk of contamination or coolant runoff. You get all the benefits of a flush without harming the environment.

Of course, there are probably some repair shops that are less concerned with protecting the environment than they are with making a quick buck for a highly profitable service, regardless of its safety. But is that really the type of shop you’d like to trust with your car… or your future?