You already know the importance of changing your car’s engine oil, and you’re likely familiar with the value of changing the transmission fluid and even the coolant.

But brake fluid? Why would you change your brake fluid?

Brake Fluid Flushes Can Save You Money

Turns out it’s a real service with a real value for you.Brake Fluid Change - Cottman Man - Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care

That’s because most brake fluids are designed to absorb moisture. Over time, they can become saturated, and that can open a series of potential problems. Here are the main reasons why you should change your brake fluid:

  1. Moisture in the brake fluid. For one thing, moisture can freeze when the temperature drops. Ask any technician who’s been in the business for a while: When the temperatures drop below freezing for the first time, there’ll be a rash of brake master cylinder failures. A substantial number of those failures can be traced back to moisture in the brake fluid.
  2. Another consideration is boiling temperature.  Brakes get hot when you’re driving. That heat conducts to the brake fluid. Brake fluid is designed to handle that heat without boiling: water isn’t. So if your brake fluid is saturated with moisture, it can boil, which can reduce braking efficiency.
  3. Finally, moisture can cause anti-lock brake systems to corrode. This will end up disabling the anti-lock brake system. Today’s anti-lock brake systems are highly complex, with all sorts of sensors and accumulators in the system. The repairs can be very involved… and expensive.

Regular Anti-Lock Brake System Maintenance

The cheaper — and smarter — option? Change your brake fluid every few years. The procedure is fairly simple, and the new fluid will protect your car’s brake system… and will do a lot to keep your family safe.

To have your car’s brake fluid checked or replaced, visit your nearby Cottman center. They’ll let you know whether your car’s due for having the brake fluid changed, and they’ll be able to take care of it for you.