Maybe, but there are no guarantees. That’s because the oil in your car’s transmission does play a role in how well the clutches hold. And, over time, that oil can wear out.

Transmission Rebuild

But changing the oil won’t help if the clutches are worn out. Once that happens, the only option is to rebuild the transmission.

Unfortunately there’s almost no way to be sure whether changing the oil will save your transmission or just waste your money. It’s a gamble, and you’re the one who has to roll the dice.

Expert Transmission Service

But your local Cottman Man can help you improve your odds: He’ll perform a thorough road test, a complete computer system scan, and drop the pan to examine the transmission’s condition, all completely free!

In many cases all you’ll need is a simple repair, because today’s transmissions are tied into the rest of the vehicle’s systems; a simple, inexpensive sensor repair may correct what seemed to be a big problem.