Boy, it’d be great if we could answer that question! Unfortunately it’s a little too early to tell. That’s because we don’t even know what type of transmission you have… yet.

Is The Transmission Rebuild Necessary?

The bigger question is: why are you asking? Are you really sure you need your transmission rebuilt? In most cases, the answer is “no.”

That’s because today’s transmissions aren’t separate entities like they were in your father’s day. They’re interconnected with the rest of your car through a computer system. And even something as seemingly unrelated as a blown fuse can affect how your transmission operates.

Transmission Service Experts

So before you worry about the cost of a rebuild, take your car over to your local Cottman center. They’ll check your car’s transmission operation and determine whether you really need a transmission rebuild, or if the fix is something a lot simpler… and a lot cheaper.

And you can be sure that, once they’ve isolated your problem, they’ll give you an accurate estimate of the cost… before you’re locked into any repairs.