No one wants to deal with their vehicle having alignment issues. But wheel alignments can be tricky to diagnose, which begs the question of how exactly do you tell when your car is in need of one?

When Is A Wheel Alignment Necessary?

Tire Alignment - Cottman Man - Cottman Transmission and Total Auto CareThere are a few things you can look for that could indicate a need for a wheel alignment:

  • The steering seems to pull one way or the other while driving down a straight, flat stretch of road.
  • The spokes on the steering wheel are off center when you’re driving straight.
  • The tires have developed an uneven wear pattern: either they’re worn on one edge or the treads have a “feathered” wear. But the best way to be sure whether you need your car aligned is to take it to your local Cottman center. They’ll be able to check and let you know whether the alignment’s okay or needs to be adjusted.
  • Any of these conditions could indicate an alignment problem.