Auto Repair Brand Releases Advice for Summer Adventurers

 HORSHAM, PA. – As families and friends prepare to hit the road for the summer, there are serious considerations that should be made to ensure that road trips are as safe as they are fun. Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care has released a list of tips to help summer road-trippers take the proper precautions for a safe trip every time.

Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care lists best practices to share with those preparing to take a road trip this summer:

Inspect before you drive
Nothing puts a damper on clear skies and good music on the radio like getting stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Before leaving on a trip, check tire pressure (including the spare tire), the condition of wiper blades and fluid levels – invest in new blades and refill fluids as necessary. Double-check that all lights, brakes, belts and signals are working. This is best done by professionals, so take the car in for a check-up before departing.

Print your maps
The open road can be unpredictable, so before hitting the road, map out the journey and take printed copies of maps and directions – it’s possible to hit a low-service spot that renders the GPS useless. Make note of gas stations and maintenance areas in case they are needed. Plus, less distraction with playing with the GPS means much safer driving!

Stock up on the essentials
Don’t forget to pack road trip essentials, like plenty of water and snacks, a first aid kit, games and activities for your riders. In addition, remember the emergency kit: including flashlight, flares, gloves, a jack and jumper cables. And don’t forget the tunes – make a great playlist, and download podcasts and audio books to switch it up. The family will be occupied, and the driver will be able to do so safely and with minimal interruptions.

Stay alert and give yourself time
It can be tempting to just keep driving once hitting the road, but pay attention to the signs of exhaustion – driving while tired lowers levels of alertness and reaction time, which is a danger to the driver, passengers and everyone on the road. Factor in breaks for snacks, meals, bathroom and fresh air into the trip, without the pressure to reach the destination any faster than is necessary.

Another resource available to drivers interested in safety tips and travel efficiency is Cottman Man’s Educational Video Series, which was released as an informational resource about relevant consumer preventative and proactive car care tips.

“There is nothing more important than keeping the family safe on the road,” said Randy Wright, president for Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care. “We see this sentiment ringing true every day in our centers. Whether we are discussing tire pressure or car battery maintenance, many of our customers are driving with their families in the car, and safety is critical for a fun summer road trip.”

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