Throughout most of the country, winter is a time for preparation. Because winter’s icy grip brings a whole different set of driving conditions along with it… conditions you need to prepare your car for before it reaches your doorstep.

Cold Weather Driving

Here are five easy checks you can do this season to prepare your car for winter:

  1. Make sure your car’s coolant provides adequate protection. Winter means colder weather. So you’ll want to  to prevent freezing. Winter Car Preparation - Cottman Man - Cottman Transmission And Total Auto Care
  2. Check the thermostat.  Make sure it’s warming your car’s engine up properly. You might not even notice a faulty thermostat during the warmer months, but in the winter you won’t be able to miss the lost performance and lack of heat.
  3. Change car’s engine oil.  This applies especially if you tend to use a heavier oil in the summer months.
  4. Have your car’s battery and charging system examined and serviced. This is a very valuable winter check. It’s a lot harder starting your car when the temperature approaches zero, and no one wants to end up walking home on a blustery night.
  5. Ensure that tires have plenty of tread left. Winter doesn’t just bring cold. In much of the country it also brings snow and ice. Having proper tread, along with properly working brakes, will ensure better traction.

Inclimate Weather Preparation

Your local Cottman center will be able to help you prepare your car for winter with all these checks and services. They’ll also be able to make sure your car’s heater is providing adequate heat and it’s switching properly to keep your feet warm and your windows clear, no matter how cold and icy it gets outside.

So don’t wait: Call your nearby Cottman center, and ask them to give your car a thorough winter check. You can be sure you’ll feel all warm and cozy once you get it done.