Virginia Owner Has Lifelong Automotive Experience

Charn Sethi, owner of the Cottman of Manassas, Virginia, started out as a general automotive technician. He earned an associate degree in automotive technology, and then got a job fixing cars. After working in the industry for about a year, he bought his first shop: a Shell gas station.

There he did general repairs but no transmissions. So what got him into a Cottman center? “I always wanted a transmission center,” says Charn. “I didn’t fix transmissions myself, but I’d learned about them in college and had a basic understanding of how they worked.

“So when the Manassas Cottman became available, I jumped on it. I had good technicians working for me, so I learned very quickly.”

The business model at the Cottman of Manassas, Virginia  is a little different than many shops, in that Charn handles the books and orders the parts, and he leaves the day-to-day operation of the shop to his service manager, Leonard. It’s a model that’s worked out well for both of them.

In fact, if there’s one thing that Charn takes particular pride in, it’s Leonard and the relationship they’ve developed over the years. Leonard has been with Charn since about 2000. “He’s very good on the phone, talking to customers, and basically running the center.”

Fast Car Repairs In Manassas, VA

Both Charn and Leonard take pride in their ability to serve their customers, and to deal with customers’ concerns. “We know that no one really wants to have his car repaired, so we do what we can to make sure our customers have a good experience at Cottman,” says Leonard.

“Our customers need their cars to get to work and feed their families. It’s our job to make sure they can do that; that’s what we take pride in.” And from all reports, they’re doing a great job; they have good reason to be proud.

You can reach Charn and Leonard at