Just southeast of Pittsburgh in the borough of West Mifflin, sits a green, stand-alone building with a bright yellow sign. Owned and operated by 52-year old Jay Kapcin, Cottman of West Mifflin, PA boasts a reputation of well-managed, quality transmission service.

A gentleman not unbeknownst to the industry, Jay grew his interest for automotive world from an early age. “When I was very, very young — a toddler, there was an older gentleman who lived next door,” he says. “He always toyed with his cars in the front street and I’d go next door and sit on his porch to watch him. As I grew older, a friend’s father had a garage out back where we’d go to tinker with cars.”

Pittsburgh Cottman Man No Stranger To Automotive Industry

Jay’s history is a storied one, telling of an innocent interest that grew to a career. His entered the auto repair industry after his high school graduation and began driving a tow truck for a body shop. Having proved his capabilities and paid his dues, Jay worked his way up to becoming the Shop Manager.

“A while after my promotion to Shop Manager, I heard that the local Cottman Transmission center was looking for a Center Manager. On my day off, I walked in and met with the owner. My interview took place at 10 AM and by 1 o’clock in the afternoon, I was an employee of Cottman Transmission.”

Jay’s innate managerial skills were apparent. Just two days after he took his Center Manager position, the owner left for a two-week motorcycle trip leaving Jay to run the shop alone.

Several successful years later, Jay and rebuilder Ed Berrett bought the center from the existing owner. The partners continued to grow the Center’s business until Ed passed away. In the first few days of 1991, Jay approached his wife to purchase Ed’s half of the business, and gained sole ownership of the West Mifflin center.

What makes Cottman of West Mifflin, PA special is the commitment to provide exceptional, quality work that is embraced by everyone in the shop. Quick turnaround, quality parts and terrific service are only a few of the positive attributes Jay is proud of. “Over the last seven years — maybe longer — the Cottman home office hasn’t received a single customer complaint about our service or quality of work. Every year, we are awarded a plaque for outstanding customer service. I’m proud of my center’s spotless reputation,” says owner Jay Kapcin.

Local Transmission Specialists In West Mifflin, PA

Jay has grown his business and expanded his services, but generally speaking the West Mifflin center is still a transmission-only shop. His employees focus on delivering their transmission expertise in an affordable and expedient fashion. However, if a customer comes in and asks for something other than a transmission job, Jay doesn’t turn them away. “Depending on what it is, I might consider cherry picking,” he says with a chuckle. “If someone asks for something else, I’m happy to help them. My facility isn’t large enough to take on the total auto care model, but I want to see my customers walk out the door on a satisfied and positive note.”

The positive impression that Jay’s customers leave with is evidence of his drive to see his center thrive in the market. He isn’t just the shop’s owner; he’s involved in every facet of his business. “I’m the owner, the Center Manager, and when necessary, I’ll do a little R&R and a little rebuilding. I do whatever’s needed to get the job done.”

His work ethic is admirable, and a trait he’s proud to have passed down to his three children. Jay’s youngest son Kevin, 16, has taken an interest in the automotive industry. “He’s thinking about going to tech school when he gets a little older. I’ve had him here at the center and I’m impressed how good he is with a wrench. Maybe there’s another Kapcin in the wings!”

If you find yourself south of Pittsburgh and your transmission isn’t working the way it should, contact Jay and the Cottman of West Mifflin, PA team at www.CottmanofWestMifflin.com and he’ll get you back on the road and running right.