A franchise can have the best product or service, outstanding training, marketing and public relations support, but without dedicated franchisees in the network, the brand can’t grow. And when things get stagnant, sometimes it’s helpful to go back to the basics and look for the franchise partners who are excellent fits for the concept. 

Here are four ways we’ve found to attract great franchisees who are passionate about the brand and perform well, ensuring a mutually successful relationship for years to come.

1. Use existing relationships to make new connections.
As a franchisor, chances are good that you’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the franchise community that makes the industry what it is-colorful, innovative, diverse and growth-focused. Take advantage of these professional relationships and look for new connections. In some cases, a broker might come in handy. Find a broker that you trust to communicate to prospective franchisees the heart and soul of your business – they can be excellent tools for reaching a wider audience. Also, be sure to equip the broker with the facts – hard statistics that speak volumes about your trajectory as a company.

2. Look at online networking tools
Many people nowadays use LinkedIn for more than networking. The business- focused social media platform has active job postings that make it very easy for people to apply for jobs using the information they already have on LinkedIn, somewhat of a living resume. This draws in individuals who might be tiring of their careers and looking for something more fulfilling, such as business ownership. Make sure that your company’s franchise development page is up to date, truthful, accurate and engaging. Ensure that all links work and that your keywords are effective. Supplement text with photos when appropriate to engage people visually. Take a look at the page of your competition and see what you can do better- and make that your focus.

3. Go to the source.
Digital franchise lead portals, while they can be costly, are extremely targeted and, when used appropriately, can certainly be effective. Most of these sites are pay-per-lead and are cross- utilized through social media as well. We have worked with digital portals many times and have attained some quality leads through this medium. Make certain that your pages are all free of spelling and grammatical errors, consistently branded and formatted in an aesthetically pleasing way. This can go along way to separate you from the competition.

4. Talk to your customers
Who better to get on board with your brand than existing loyal fans that are already familiar with your concept, services and products? Make sure your in- store and online messaging provides adequate opportunities to learn more about franchising.Engage your customers in person and create lasting relationships. Not only will this translate to better customer service and loyalty, but you just might find your next best team member.

Randy Wright is the President of Cottman Transmission Systems, LLC, franchisor of the “Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care” brand that provides transmission and auto repair services for almost any make or model vehicle, foreign or domestic. Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care centers specialize in complete transmission service, brakes, suspension air conditioning service and much more. Cottman’s headquarters is based in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

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