Introducing… National Check Your Transmission Day

Don’t Put Off Tomorrow What Can Be Done Today

The same thing can be said about getting your car’s transmission checked: As far as you know, there was nothing wrong with the way it was working yesterday and there’s nothing wrong with it today. Checking the transmission created no change you could identify, so it seems like a waste of time and money…at least, to the untrained eye.

But, as every transmission technician will tell you, most transmission problems often occur slowly, almost imperceptibly in the beginning. Sometimes simply changing the fluid and filter can extend the life of your transmission by years.

That’s why Cottman is naming October 21st National Check Your Transmission Day. And they’ll perform a, TransCheck 21 Plus Inspection to provide consumers with a complete picture of the condition of their transmissions.

The procedure is simple: You bring your car to your local Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care center. They perform a TransCheck 21 Plus Inspection, which includes checking your transmission’s fluid, looking for leaks, examining its performance, and looking for any computer system trouble codes that could indicate a problem. From there, they’ll give you a complete report on your transmission’s condition, and recommend any services that might help improve your transmission’s longevity. Maybe there won’t be anything required, or maybe they’ll recommend a service. From there any follow-up appointments can be scheduled accordingly.

And, to go along with catching problems early, every Cottman location is giving away prizes to their first customers! Catch transmission problems early, and get rewarded. But, whatever they suggest, you can bank on two things: It’ll cost a lot less than a complete transmission rebuild, and it’ll extend the life of your transmission.

Sounds like a win-win, from any perspective.

What Should You Do On National Check Your Transmission Day?

    • Find your nearest Cottman location.
    • Bring your vehicle into any Cottman location for Cottman’s exclusive TransCheck 21 PLUS Inspection.
    • Our Cottman-certified technicians will diagnose your vehicle and provide recommendations for the current status of your car and any need, future maintenance.
    • Be one of our first customers and receive an exclusive gift.
    • Share your visit on social media with our hashtag #NationalTransmissionCheckDay and don’t forget to tag us!


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